Avishkar Projection Microscopes

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For Research and Industry

Avishkar Projection Microscopes incorporate the most advanced technical features to make it versatile for a wide range of applications in research and industries. The din standard plan achromat optics produces uniformly images and exceptionally sharp resolution over the entire screen.

The 195mm round graduated screen made from the finest glass is rotatable in 360o on ball bearing and has a fresnel lens behind it for brilliant and uniform intensity of projection throughout the screen area. the Co-axial mechanical stage is attached for comfortable and convenient manipulation of slides for research works, like checking linear measurement and comparison of contours etc. A magnification correction knob is provided in the microscope on which a compensating eyepiece moves to attain exact magnification in different objectives.

Technical Features

Optical System Din standard TC series objectives, optionally / plain optical system.
Main Body A most durable, sturdy & elegant designed body for utmost convenience to use and to accept several optional accessories as multipurpose system microscope.
Focussing Coarse and fine focusing system. Coarse focus range 30mm and fine focussing reading to 0.002mm.
Nose Piece Revolving quadruple/quintuple nose piece with ball bearings for perfect alignment.
Stage With Co-axial mechanical stage low drive control, travel area 75-50mm.
Condensor Movable abbe condensor N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphsam and filter holder.
Illuminator Halogen illumination system having 12V/100W halogen lamp with variable light control.
Observation Observation on screen/optionally binocular head.
Magnification Range 100/125x to 1000x 7 also upto 1500x.