Product Code: AVI-3219 Category:
  • Micro conticled based tednolcgy.
  • Over 280 Preset Prato* (Prcgrams) Inds:frig Condidonal Disease 25 Mee Protccols.
  • Wide Range for Programming Parameters such as pulse widths, frequendes, awl times treatment lima etc This givinadvantage to treat each individual patina uniquely.
  • Over current Protedion for both chalnels with thitinuous rumbaing.
  • True output current sensig for VT.
  • Large Graph ic LCD dap* with bright backight for easy parameter sating.
  • Digital Variation of
  • Compact unit with ABC Shockproof C3binet
  • IFT : 2 Pole, 4 Pole & 4 fble Vector.
  • Russian Current.
  • MS Modes: Plain Galvait, Interrupted Gahonic, Faradic, Surged threat, Diadynarric & Triaigular waveforms.
  • TENS : CONTINOUS , PWM & Burst Modes.