Microprocessor Display With Continuous Visual Update.

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The latest Avishkar Tissue Processor Model Elect-50 is microprocessor based Automatic Tissue Processor operated by feather touch keyboard and with digital display, for adjusting the timing sequnces, temperature setting and safety system fitted with battery backup to retain data in case of power failure.


  1. Feather touch key board with digital display for programming.
  2. Programmable 12 stage timing sequence with each step 1 minute to 16hrs.
  3. Delay action from 1 hour to 99 hours.
  4. Safety device for tissue protection.
  5. Temperature controller of wax baths operational in limits in 10o C to 80o C.
  6. Digital display for adjusting time sequence, temperature setting with battery back-up.
  7. Precision gear mechanism for trouble free working.
  8. Each station with a capacity of approximate 1Ltrs/2Ltrs.
  9. With automatic agitation.
  10. Power supply 200-230V AC, 50Hz.