Patient Monitors 5 para

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Main Features

■Display mode: 12” color TFT LCD with high-resolution.

■Be applicable for adult, pediatric and neonatal for all-round monitoring.

■Operation interface with Chinese and English. (Optional languages: French, German, Italian, Turkish, etc.)

■Multiple display modes are optional, such as big characters interface.

■Waveform and data colour can be set optionally.

■Storage of 480-hour trend data, and review of 40-second holographic waveform.

■7-lead ECG displays in a screen and ECG waveforms series display.

■Anti-high frequency surgical unit, defibrillation-proof(requirement for special leads).

■Adopt digital SpO2 technology, which has strong anti-interference and anti-weak filling capability.

■Function of NIBP review, storage for up to 400 NIBP data.

■Connect central monitoring station, other bed observation and software updating with wireless and wired mode.

■Built-in SD card, U disk for storing data and U disk updating.

■Support the functions of VGA video output and adjustable LCD backlight.

■Support alarm with human voice body.

■Function of synchronous signal output.

■Three operation modes: monitoring, surgery and diagnosis.

■Auto-analysis for arrhythmia waveform.

■Calculation function for drug concentration and titration table.

■Dual-channel temperature monitoring, and with temperature error display.

■NIBP dual-overpressure protection with software and hardware.

■Built-in thermal printer.

■Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for uninterrupted monitoring.

■The product has passed FDA certification in America and CE certification in Europe.



Technical specification

*  Method: Oscillometry
*  Modes: Manual/Auto/Comtinuous
*  Auto measure time: Adjustable
*  Measurement rang: 10-270mmHg
*  Lead mode: 3-lead or 5-lead
*  Lead selection: I; II; III; AvR; AvL; AvF; V
*  Heart rate range: Adult: 15-300bpm; Pediatric/Neonatal: 15-300bpm
*  ECG waveform: 2 channals
*   Accuracy: ± 1 bpm or ± 1%
*   S-T segment detection Measurement rang: -0.2mv~2.0mv
*  Alarm: Yes, audible and visual alarm, alarm events review
*  High resolution 12.1″color TFT display
*  Lightweight, compact and portable
*  Optional: 2-IBP, ETCO2, And thermal printer
*  Bulit-in rechargeable lithium battery
*  ECG waveforms of 7-leads display on the same screen
*  72-hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters
*  72 alarm events of all parameters recall
*  32 seconds full-disclosure waveform review
*  500 NIBP measurement date can be storage and recall
*  Date and waveforms color be adjustable
*  Arrhythmia analysis and S-T segment analysis
*  Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient
*  Measurement range: 0-100%
*  Accyracy: 70-100%, ± 2% 0-69%, upspecified
Pulse rate
*  Range: 20-254bpm
*  Accuracy: ± 3bpm
* Method: RA-LL impedance
* Range: Adult: 0-120rpm; Pediatric/neonatal: 0-150rpm
* Apnca alarm Yes
* Range: 0-50
*Apnca: 0.1