Resucitation Neonatal Trolley

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Salient Features:

  1. Microprocessor based servo controlled system with programmable functions.
  2. Eight digit display to indicate baby temp. Air temperature & percentage of heater on indication.
  3. Feather touch switches.
  4. Both servo (Auto) as well as manual mode provided.
  5. Alarms & functions programmable.
  6. Non volatile memory used to store all the programmed setting.
  7. System of warmers can be controlled by Air mode as well as baby mode.
  8. Additional extra safety card provided to restrict temp. level.
  9. PCB card system & hence servicing is very easy.
  10. Trolley is designed in such way that it is easier to access the infant.
  11. Baby tray has folding side supports.
  12. Head up & down facility provided.
  13. Rigid castors along with brakes provided.
  14. IV attachment provided.
  15. Long lasting, scratch proof, rust proof epoxy powder coated.
  16. Slow noiseless regulated suction is provided along with gauge.
  17. Oxygen cylinder attachment is provided.
  18. Humidifier is provided.
  19. Aponea monitor along with audio visual alarm provided.
  20. Silicon quartz heaters of special quality are provided, along with s.s. filter.
  21. P T-100 sensor provided.
  22. Sensor failure audiovisual alarm.
  23. Power failure audiovisual alarm.
  24. Continuous repiration monitor.
  25. Heater failure alarm.

Technical Features:

  1. Sensor failure alarm with Audiovisual indication.
  2. Dimensions : 790 x 560 x 1805mm.
  3. Weight : 70kg. approx.
  4. Aponea time 0 to 30 min. adjustable.
  5. Slow suction upto 100mm / Hg.
  6. Oxygen pressure indication with flow meter.
  7. Duel oxygen system suitable for central oxygen system as well as cylinder.
  8. Power supply : 220/230V, 50/60Hz
  9. Power Consumption 1200.
  10. Heater source : Two quartz silicon heater with S.S. reflector.
  11. Temperature range : 25oC to 40oC.
  12. Air temp 0.1oC.
  13. Resolution : Baby temp 0.1oC.
  14. Heater on indication 1% accuracy.
  15. Temp. Accuracy ±0.2oC.
  16. Control Accuracy ±0.2oC.
  17. Temperature range baby temp. 15oC to 40oC.
  18. Air temp. 25oC to 40oC.
  19. Control Mode : Auotmatic & Manual.
  20. Programmable indication with audiovisual alarms.
    a. Battrey low indication.
    b. Heater failure alarm.
    c. Cross set alarm indication.
    d. Selection mode of control either through Air mode or through baby temp. mode.
  21. Audiovisual alarm for power fail.
  22. Over heat alarm is set at 39oC with cut-off heater system.