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Highly Accurate and speedy measurement

With easy-to-use interface of the colour touch screen and portable compact design

It is most suitable for screening test of osteoporosis

Up to 12000 measurement results can be sotred in the device


Touch screen with colour LCD     :               measurement operation, patient data input and unit

maintenance are available from the screen.

Adjustable foot plate [5 levels]  :               adjustable foot plate accommodates a wide range of foot

sizes to enable precise measurement.

Heel Temperature Sensor            :               Ultrasound measurement can be affected by body

temperature. The sensor corrects temperature for accurate measurement.

Bluetooth®                                         :               wireless connectivity via Bluetooth® enables you to broaden

the operational flexibility of patient data management.

Data storage function                    :               it can store upto 12000 measurement results.

Easy-to-operate                                               :               only 3-10 seconds per measurement

Utility software                                 :               Ultility software for data management provided standard

Consumable goods                         :               Acoustic Gel.

Thermal printer paper 

Feasible operations are as follows:-

Measurement operation

Accuracy management

Coordination with host system

Patient identification by magnetic card reader/barcode reader [code 128 codeC FNC1]

Data management of patient information and measurement results


Measurement Site                                          :               Calcaneus [Heel Bone]

Measurement method                                 :               Ultrasound pulse penetration

Measuring Parameter                                    :               SOS [speed of sound]

Measurement Time                                        :               3-10 seconds

Measurement Precision                                               :               %CV: 0.5% or better [in test cases measurement]

Result display                                                    :               SOS, T-score, Z-score, % YAM, %AGE, Measurement

result with graphic display

Measurement type                                        :               Dry Type [acoustic gel]

Environmental condition

Operation                                                           :               Temperature:    10 tp 35ºC

Humidity:            30 to 85%RH [non condensing]

Storage Transportation                                 :               Temperature:    -10 to 50ºC

Humidity: 30 to 85%RH [non condensing]

Power supply voltage                                    :               100 – 120V/0.6A

200 – 240V/ 0.3A

Power Frequency                                            :               50 Hz or 60 Hz

Dimensions                                                        :               W525 mm x D310 mm xH200 mm

Weight                                                                 :               Approx 10 Kg

External Interface                                            :               USB, Bluetooth®