Microprocessor Spectrophotometer

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A Versatile, Rugged, Accurate & Easy to Operate Instrument to determine Absorbance, Transmision, Concentration and K Factor

MICROPROCESSOR SPECTROPHOTOMETER is a compact and easy to operate instrument for Spectrophotometric analysis of a solution of any concentration. Theoutput is available on 16X2 line LCD display in terms of %age Transmission (%T), Absorbance (Abs)Concentration (Conc)& K-Factor. This instruments has 100 sample storage memory, printer output for priting of data on any dot matrix printer with centronics interface.
RS-232C interfacefor computer can be provided on request. The use of Microcontroller hs made it extremely versatile and state-of-the art instrument. 10mm path length test tubes and cuvettes facility is provided.

The instrument operates on wave length range between 340 to 960nm. The use of diffraction grating od 600 lines/mmi the monochromator produces a liner spectrum, An automatic shutter is provided to stop the light reaching the photodiode, when test tube is not inserted in the tube holder. This is extremely useful instrument for quantitative analysis. This instrument is useful in chemistry labs, mineral water testing labs, pharmaceutical labs, universities, hospitals, research centers, biotechnology labs, drugs & agricultural labs etc.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength Range 340 to 960 nm
Wavelength Resolution 1 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 1nm
Spectral Slit Width < 5 nm
% Transmission 0.0 – 100 % T
Absorabance 0 to 19999
Concentration 0 to 19999
K-factor 0.1 to 19999
Resolution 0.1 % T, 0.001 Abs
Stray Radiant Energy ± 2 % or less at 340 nm and 400 nm
Photometric Accuracy Less than 0.01 Abs.
Monochromator 600 lines/mm diffraction grating
Photo Detector Wide range silicone photodiode
Display 16X2 line apphanumeric backlet LCD display
Key Board 8 Keys soft touch membrane type
Data Storage Up to 100 samples
Light Source Tunguten-halogen lamp 6V, 10W
Sample Holder 10 mm glass cuvettes
Printer Interface Centronics Printer interface for any dot matrix printer
Computer Interface R232C Serial Interface (on request)
Power supply 230V± 10% 50 Hz AC
Dimensions L490XB300XH165mm
Weight 8Kg (Approx)
Matched Cuvetts : A set of 2
Accessories supplied Dust Cover : 1 No.
Operation Manual : 1 No.


  1. Highly Accurate and Stable
  2. Range 340 to 960 nm
  3. 16X2 Line Backlit
  4. Alphanumeric LCD Display
  5. Printer Attachment Facility
  6. Storage for 100 Samples
  7. Soft Touch Membrane Keys
  8. RS  232 Computer Interface