Mini Rotary Shakers

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Cyclomixer, a variable speed mixer that accommodates a varirty of tubes for various analysis to eliminate time consumming hand mixing.

Rapid mixing of contents of tubes is done by holding tube against vibrating rubber cup. Continusly variable speed regulator controls the degree of vibration.


Avishkar Tissue Processors are the latest designed with completely covered beakers and wax baths. During operation of shifting from one stage another only basket rotor alongwith its cover lifts upto the change of position to the next stage of the processing circle. From the remaining beakers the cover lifts a little for just shifting for the next stage, thus keeping the loss of alcohol / reagents to the minimum level. The built in safety device doesnot allow the tissues to shift from 10th to 11th to 12th stage in case wax is not melted due to power failure etc.

Salient Features:

  1. Programmable 12 stage timing sequence having 24 hours calibrated programming disc.
  2. Delay action of 24 hours
  3. Precision gear mechanism for trouble free working.
  4. Safety device for tissue protection.
  5. Thermostatically controlled Wx Bath 10o C to 80o C.
  6. Each station with a capacity of 1Ltrs/2Ltrs.
  7. Automatic agitation – allow the effective processing of tissue.
  8. Assures utmost cionvenience in operation.