Plasma Freezer

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These Plasma Freezers are designed for quick freezing and storing of plasma and related Blood components at desired low temperature upto -35°C. All models feature integrated control panel with digital temperature indicator cum controller and temperature recorder. Plasma Freezers are available in Horizontal and vertical versions.

Special Features:

  1. Low temperature upto -35°C.
  2. Stainless steel inner chamber .
  3. Extremely efficient insulation to minimise to heat lose.
  4. Digital Temperature indicator cum controller with audio visual alarm.
  5. Inside sliding acrylic Door to avoid temperature loss.
Technical Data
Models Volumes (Litres) Internal Dimensions


External Dimensions


Minimum Temperature
Horizontal Freezers
AVI-1311 170 60×40×70 115×50×91 -35°C
AVI-1312 265 95×40×70 150×50×91 -35°C
Vertical Freezers
AVI-1313 170 50×43×85 63×58×138 -35°C
AVI-1314 265 58×50×99 70×66×159 -35°C
Supply 230 Volts single Phase 50 Hz AC.